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The Healthy Cat Checklist

For all the unconditional love our cats give us, we want to return the favor. Our cats deserve good health and a satisfying, long life. Here’s what we, recommend to make sure you deliver on this promise.

Vaccination Is Essential:

You may keep your cat indoors at all times, but the best way to fully protect against potentially fatal diseases like enteritis and the flu is vaccination. Kittens are particularly vulnerable at just a few weeks of age—this would be the best time to inoculate them. As an adult, your cat should have a vaccination certificate. And don’t forget to keep up with the booster shots, too.

Basic Health Checklist:

We always suggest regular checkups with the trusty vet, but it’s good to keep an eye on your cat’s general well-being. Here’s a helpful list of pointers:

  • Body: Your cat’s body should be firm and fleshed, but not too skinny or overweight.
  • Ears: Your cat’s ears should be clean, with no wax or discharge. They should also appear alert to catch sounds. Only check the visible parts—leave the other areas to your vet.
  • Eyes: Clear and bright eyes are good signs. You shouldn’t see any discharge, signs of bloodshot eyes, or a “third eyelid” (a white film).
  • Nose: Look for a clean nose with no signs of leakage.
  • Coat: Your cat’s coat should appear clean and well groomed, and his fur should look sleek. Check for parasites, bald patches, sores, scabs, or otherwise unusual spots.
  • Abdomen: Look for wounds, sores, growths, or any signs of a “pot belly.”

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