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Good Cats with Bad Habits

Living with us as part of the family, cats adapt perfectly to our habits -- sometimes a little too perfectly. For example, they may want to share not only our house with us, but also our meals and beds.

To prevent your cat from eating your food, you'll need to use consistency and a few tricks. Each time you catch your cat walking on the dinner table, pick her up and gently put her down on the floor while firmly saying, "no." Take her right to her feeding dish, where she should find some tasty WHISKAS® Food for Cats. This will distract your cat away from your meal, while offering her a good alternative to human food. You should also feed your cat whenever you eat your own meals. Never feed her scraps from the dinner table, as this will encourage unwanted behavior.

If you don't want your cat to sleep on your bed at night, just keep lifting her off the bed and putting her down on the floor while firmly saying, "no." If this doesn't work, try keeping your bedroom door closed at night. Of course, you may then have to lie in bed listening to meows and scratching at your door. After a few nights, however, your cat should learn that the door stays shut, and she has the rest of the house to sleep in. It also helps if she has her own comfortable bed in a safe, secluded location.

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